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8 reasons your daughter should play rugby

By Wales Online, 10/10/17, 7:45AM MST


Eight words inspired this: 'I would never let my daughter play rugby'

These are the same 8+ reasons we fell in love with the game and are starting a high school girls team. Join us for our first High School Girl's Rugby Practice on October 17th!

Register for the team here.

1. She will learn the importance of hard work
2. She will learn how strong and powerful her body is
3. She will know that she is capable of anything her male cohorts can do
4. She will learn how to get back up once she's been knocked down
5. She will experience the incredible feeling of being part of a team
6. She will respect others, regardless of their decision
7. She will learn to deal with disappointment
8. She will realize she is unstoppable.

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