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Flagstaff 10's Recap

By Coach Swing and Coach CC, 10/04/16, 9:30PM MST


OP Lightning brought two teams to the Flagstaff 10's tournament on October 1st

A strong recruiting class swelled the club roster to 33 members traveling to Flagstaff 10s. Two teams were evenly divided to promote fun and playing time for rookies and vets alike. Both teams walked away with great experiences and 2-1 records on the day. The postage stamp sized pitches promoted more of a smash and bash forwards game that did not always let our talented backs shine.

Standouts include...


Amber Jones, Giorgi Flagello, and Em Bowen for their leadership on and off the field. Beth Kleiman celebrated her un-retirement by registering multiple tries and massive tackles.
Jessica "Puppy" Szakacs was a dominating presence in her first start in the forwards. Andrea Hite had great team spirit and presence on the pitch.
Sam Harvey and Jade Richwine were outstanding in their rugby rookie performances.
Official stats were not kept but a great number of boots were celebrated at the end of the day, signalling many first time tries.
A great weekend for the club that helps to lay the foundation for the rest of the preseason.