Welcome to Old Pueblo Lions Rugby!

We are a rugby union club in Tucson, Arizona. Old Pueblo Rugby features highly-competitive men, women and youth/high school rugby squads. Our player membership is very strong with a large supporter base and a consistent feeder system of new talent. We are highly organized and strongly supported by our financial sponsors, our supporters, and by our three teams.

Old Pueblo Rugby consists of a Men's team (Lions), a Women's team (Lightning) and an under-19/high school program (Lions U-19). Additionally, we have an old boy's/masters rugby team caled the Red Rock Roaches. Old Pueblo rugby has a steep tradition of excellence as well as an enthusiastic support for the Tucson community and at charitable events.

We are welcome all individuals of all levels of experience, fitness and athleticism to join our ranks as players or as supporters! If you are interested in playing competitive rugby or would like more information, please contact Matt Schmidt for more details.

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